Survive Anything

Survive Anything

The Survive Anything sales page reads a lot like the manifesto of a zealous Republican who is convinced that doomsday is just around the corner. Still, there are some valid points made by the author. We do live in dangerous times and really, anything can happen at any moment. The Survive Anything guide takes on the daunting task of preparing the average American and his or her family in an emergency situation. There are techniques in this eBook that can be applied in disaster situations like hurricanes, floods and even terrorist attacks. While the sales page uses scare tactics, this should not deter the reader form the fact that it is always a good idea to make sure your home and your family is prepared for a chaotic situation.


Who This Guide is For

Survive Anything is for the average American who is concerned with disaster preparedness. The site itself goes into details of what it takes and how much it costs to be reallyprepared in a disaster situation. It says that you will need a large tract of land, thousands of dollars’ worth of food and supplies and all of this costs more than what the average American can afford. So, the author of this book has created a guide for the rest of us. It is filled with tips on how to survive a major catastrophe without breaking the bank. The author states that there are useful tools that you already own but you simply don’t know how you can use them. The book even goes into the psychology and thought processes of desperate and rioting mobs so you can better protect yourselves and your home from them.

More About What You Get

First of all, Survive Anything comes in the form of an eBook but the creator has thrown in some bonus guides as well. There is a guide on specifically surviving a 30-day disaster or emergency period. There is another guide that covers family safety, a mobile survival packing list and once you make your purchase you will be given access to a so called survival expert. You will be able to ask him questions, have him assess your preparedness and ask him to clarify or expand on any of the strategies outlined in the book.

There is a lot of practical information contained in the Survive Anything guide. There are simple tidbits of information that could very well make the purchase price well worth it.

The author is clearly very anti-liberal and his sales site can be off-putting for a lot of people.

To Buy or Not to Buy
If you are not immediately turned off by the scare tactics and the ultra right wing tone of the author David Campbell, then that is a good start. The Survive Anything guide takes an all-inclusive approach to disaster survival which alone makes it worth the 50 dollars you will pay for it. The bonus which allows you to consult with a survival expert is also worth its weight in gold. If you are concerned with the state of the world and your place in a disaster situation, you might as well get this guide.

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