Survival Combat Fitness: Prepper Hand-to-hand Fighting

Survival Combat Fitness: Prepper Hand-to-hand Fighting

Are you afraid of being the victim of some crazy violent attack and you don’t know how to defend yourself? If you are, you’ve got a couple of options. You can join a dojo or take martial arts classes that will only usually cover the bare basics for beginners, you can watch videos online which were haphazardly put together, or you can order the Survival Combat Fitness package to prepare you for the worst. Whether it is you or a loved one being attacked, or a theoretical zombie apocalypse. In this package, you will learn not only self-defense but fitness techniques as well because what is the use of having the knowledge without the means of execution? No matter who you are or what you are anticipating, you can benefit greatly from this package. It includes detailed step by step instructional online videos for how to defend yourself against a variety of attacks with baseball bats, knives, and yes even guns. You’ll also learn how to deliver finishing single hit blows to completely paralyze your opponent.


You’ll also receive multiple camera angles for every move so you can fully comprehend the lesson. Not only will you have access to all these self-dense moves but to fitness moves as well. You’ll learn how to make your body the ultimate fighting machine with very minimal equipment. The instructors are two very highly trained pros at what they do, so you know you are getting quality instruction.


“As a personal trainer and martial arts instructor, I must tell you that your Survival Combat Fitness program is awesome. It is very comprehensive, reality-based and straight forward. No fancy moves, just pure body mechanics at work. I know this includes a lot of KravMaga, but what made it fun, cool and unique was the detailed way in which you and Yuri presented the material. Also, while most training programs focus on the techniques itself, you created the perfectbalance between physical conditioning and technical proficiency. No doubt about the direct relationship between physical conditioning and body performance in a self-defense situation.”  – Martin Ramirez, martial arts instructor and fitness expert


“I’ve done just about everything else you can do to prepare for local and global emergencies. I have a bug out vehicle, I have supplies, I have a plan. But, I didn’t have the physical ability to keep the pace that may be needed in an emergency. And, I thought I knew how to fight until I learned Survival Combat Fitness. What this program did for me is give me focus, skills and most importantly, A REALITY CHECK. Highly recommended!”  – Scott Kinsley, Prepper


If you’re not satisfied with this product for any reason, there is a sixty day no questions asked guarantee.But if you are satisfied and decide to continue with the lessons, the video format make it super easy to follow along on any device, no matter where you are.

It does sound like a black belt at home type of scam, but it is not, they do not give out black belts or certify anyone to teach, which is a good thing. That is how you know they are genuine and truly want to teach self-defense and fitness.

In the end, this is a great package for those who want to learn self-defense and fitness without the barrier of being a low-ranking belt in a dojo. The videos are immediately downloadable upon purchase so you can get started learning deadly and effective moves as soon as you want.

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