Street Defense Training – The Street Fight Academy

Street Defense Training – The Street Fight Academy

Hand to hand combat is what is taught in “Street Fight Academy” It is taught by a man named Alex Lorenzo who has claimed that he has trained with military special forces, holds three black belts and has been involved in a number of street style altercations. This is a guide that will try to teach you how to not only protect yourself from an attacker on the street, but how to seriously maim and injure that attacker.

Alonzo claims that many martial arts method are outdated and they simply don’t work in street fight situations. This is why he has composed this guide. He wants the average person to be able to ward off would be thugs who mean to hurt, rob and generally harm you.

The Aim of This Offer

While it is true that anything can happen to you when you are out on the street, “Street Fight Academy” seems to be marketed to those who are afraid of becoming victims and those who actually enjoy getting into fights-people that go out looking for trouble. If you live in a pretty safe neighborhood and you are not the kind of persons that attracts altercations, you will probably not find any worth in “Street Fight Academy.” The author doesn’t go right out and say that you should go looking for a fight but it is implied that this is a guide for aggressive people who frequently find themselves in dangerous situations.

The author also states that anyone can successfully apply the techniques he has outlined in “Street Fight Academy” and says that he himself is only 5 foot 9 but has been able to take down many of potential violators on the streets using the methods he explains in his book

What Your Purchase Includes

The whole “Street Fight Academy” package includes the main eBook which goes over key attacks and strikes that will drop any opponent no matter how large, how to prepare for a fight, joint attacks, how to predict your attackers next move etc. and also some bonus materials. The first bonus eBook is about hand to hand combat and fist fights. The second is an introduction to Brazilian JuiJitsu techniques that will help you send your attacker to the floor and the third bonus material is all about kickboxing.


What People Have to Say About Street Fight Academy

“Man, there is some absolutely brutal stuff in here! They definitely don’t teach this kind of thing in a martial arts class. I know from experience. ”  – Paul N.

“I’ve taken a handful of self defense classes over the past few years. They work OK, but I always felt they were a little too tame. This seems much more useful for real life defense.”  – Christine T.


There are proven self-defense techniques contained in “Street Fight Academy” that borrow from more traditional martial arts disciplines which lends to the eBook’s credibility. The author also sorts through the techniques that he feels don’t work in real street fight situations so all that you learn in “Street Fight Academy” will actually be of use.

It seems as though the eBook can be cut much shorter as there are a lot of “the one trick you will ever need to win a fight” type instructions contained in it.

Sizing Up the Offer
Overall, it really doesn’t seem like this eBook will be worth it for most people. The average person doesn’t get into a street fight often enough to learn all the tactics contained in the book and while anything is possible, you probably don’t have to spend time learning everything that is outlined in this offer.

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