Learn How To Street Fight For Real Self Defense That Works

Learn How To Street Fight For Real Self Defense That Works

Street fighting is not what is taught in “The No B.S. Street-fighting Self Defense Guide” although it was written by a self-proclaimed seasoned street fighter. This is because most street fights are over in a matter of seconds and they are usually pretty uneven. “The No B.S. Street-fighting Self Defense Guide” is instead a very aggressive method of harnessing the power of your own adrenaline and knowing the vulnerability points that are present on every human body to brutalize someone who has the intention of harming you.


This is a very straightforward course that makes no attempt to hide its violent methods. The creator wants to let you know right off the bat that after he is done with you, you will be able to pulverize a potential assailant. It is not for the weak of heart and not for those who tend to shy away from violence. “The No B.S. Street-fighting Self Defense Guide” teaches you to give no regard to the amount of force you dish out to a street thug.

This course is aimed at actual street fights that are not contained and wildly unpredictable. The creator claims that there are essential secrets that not many people know that when learned can turn anyone into a beast.

The creator focuses on the release of adrenaline when you are in a fight or flight situation as a focal point in his course. Most people fear this state and are therefore left more vulnerable when that adrenaline hits. He claims however that if you learn how to control this adrenalized state you can use it to your advantage and beat any opponent. He also stresses basic strike moves that when aimed at the right spot and in the right manner, can fell even the largest attackers. Some of his techniques he says are used by special military forces around the world and are taught in mixed martial arts gyms.

What You Will Get From “The No B.S. Street-fighting Self Defense Guide”

The course itself is contained in a single eBook that costs 17 dollars. In it you will learn not only how to fell an attacker but how to defend yourself against punches and other attacks even when a weapon is being used, how to break the grip that an attacker may get on you and generally how to put an attacker in the hospital. This course is again, very aggressive and is probably not for the squeamish.



“Highly recommended! I’ve read a lot of self defense books on the market today, but none that I have seen come close to the quality and amount of techniques as this book offers! It’s like an encyclopedia of self defense! If you’re looking for a comprehensive book in self defense, this is it! Easily worth twice the price!”  –Adam Witbrock

This course filters out what the creator calls useless techniques that are taught by traditional martial arts instructors.

If you are not willing to essentially turn into a merciless attacker yourself you will not be comfortable with the techniques contained in “The No B.S. Street-fighting Self Defense Guide.”

In the End
This is a very interesting approach to self-defense overall and it is pretty affordable. You are more than likely to learn at least a couple techniques that may save you from harm in a violent situation. Practice with caution.

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