Max KravMaga – #1 In Online Self Defense Training!

EyalYanilov’s Max KravMaga – #1 In Online Self Defense Training

KravMaga has been getting a lot of attention lately. It is the standard martial arts training for the Isreali military and is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Now you have the opportunity to learn KravMaga from an expert. EyalYanilov is one of the world’s leading authorities on KravMaga training and he has developed a special video training course that he is offering online. Eyal has been featured in many fitness magazines and has even been seen on television. He puts forth that he will teach you how to successfully utilize KravMaga techniques in any situation.


The interesting thing about this offer is its breadth of use. There are a lot of self-defense tutorials that are focused on protecting yourself when someone is trying to attack you but Eyal’s training course is really for anyone. He shows you how to defend yourself if you are unexpectedly attacked but he also shows you how you can hone your skills in KravMaga, how to add KravMaga to your esicting set of martial arts skills and how to improve your body.

This offer is a collection of 272 instructional videos that go in depth into the techniques and specific moves of KravMaga. There is an beginners level course, a graduate level course and a third course that goes into further detail into specific attacks and moves. All of the courses are accompanied by a comprehensive syllabus and the videos themselves are visually annotated. Furthermore the videos take the time to assess moves in different situations, at different speeds and other various formats so that they can be used no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

The Purpose of the Training Course

If you are already a student of KravMaga you can use this video training course as a supplement and cut your mastery time in half. The training course is also ideal for those who want to learn KravMaga but do not have a gym around them to teach them or for those who don’t feel comfortable training in a gym. Eyal also states that his battery of instructional videos can be put to good use if you are in the military or law enforcement so that you can further your training. Of course, if you are a complete beginner and are interested in learning KravMaga, this video course will also be a great help to you.



Take a look at what one user has to say about Eyal’s system:

“MaxKravMaga is a terrific training tool for KMG students and instructors looking to keep their KravMaga skills sharp.”  –Adam White


You will be learning KravMaga from one of the most renowned masters in the world.


This is a video course and some martial arts are best taught in a gym.

Concluding Comments
One should always be wary about home martial arts training courses but if you are the type who can learn independently and you happen to be interested in KravMaga, this would be a good package for you.

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