Essential Woodworking Skills for Survival

Essential Woodworking Skills for Survival

You may not have any background in carpentry or woodworking but when all hell breaks loose, basic woodworking is a skill that you will be very glad you obtained. The importance of woodworking skills cannot be understated in a crisis situation. Woodworking can be applied in any situation no matter how dire or mild. For example say a heavy storm rolls through your area. This may not seem like a big deal but if you have basic woodworking knowledge you will probably be able to fix things that need immediate attention like leaks.

Now imagine that heavy storm turns into a full-fledged menace and it is flooding the streets so that you cannot get across town and relief organizations cannot get to you. That little leak now becomes a big problem because the more water that infiltrates your home, the higher your chances are of major structural damage and hazardous molds to form.

The fact is that woodworking skills will come in handy in every situation. Being able to build a garden box to grow your own vegetables when food is scarce for example is a very simple skill that can save your life and your family’s life when things really go awry. Gardening in and of itself is a very handy skill to have in order to produce your own food but it goes hand in hand with woodworking. There are some very simple and easy to understand guides available online that can teach you how to complete simple projects like building a garden box, chicken coop, or a livestock fence.

Building a shelter for yourself and your family may become one of the most important woodworking skills you learn. They say that you can survive three weeks without food but only 3 hours without shelter. Having a decent proficiency with woodworking will ensure that you are able to construct a simple shelter when shelter itself becomes a commodity. One simple shelter that you can build out of wood, branches and nails is a lean-to shelter. This type of shelter can be built up against a tree or sturdy part of almost any kind of structure. You must first suspend the major support beam so that subsequent pieces of wood can be leaned up against it. In reality, the only woodworking skill that you will need to construct a lean-to shelter is being able to saw wood and hammer in some nails but as basic as these skills seem, some people lack them.

Basic woodworking skills will also come in handy when you are storing a ration of food. You may need to build your own container to house your food to protect it from animals or marauders. These containers can be built from wood, nails and just a few pieces of hardware.

There are a number of ways you can learn these essential woodworking skills. You can take a course for relatively cheap at your local junior college. There is also a plethora of online guides that are available in PDF format that include blueprints and detailed instructions. Of course, one of the best ways to develop your skills is to get out in the backyard or your garage and start tinkering. Start by making some small items like a shelf or a chair that can be used around the house. Most importantly, equip yourself with basic woodworking tools like a hammer, plenty of nails, a handsaw, a plain, level, carpenter’s pencil, screwdriver, allen wrench, a power drill that runs on batteries, a cat’s paw, plenty of screws in all shapes and sizes and a crowbar.

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