Electricity Generation

Electricity Generation

Being able to generate your own electricity in your home will be a huge boon during a significant cataclysm. Do not let yourself be lulled into thinking that the electrical grid can withstand any kind of damage. No matter how well-built the grid is, nothing is infallible. Having electricity in your home can be the difference between survival and tragedy in a serious debacle so the next skill to hone in your survival regimen is electricity generation.

There are a few different methods you can turn to in order to have your own electricity independent from your local utility company. The first method is solar power generation. As long as no one plans to blow up the sun any time soon it will be the most consistent source of energy even when the electrical grid totally fails. So it only makes sense that you make yourself able to tap into it. Installing solar panels on your property has become increasingly simple in the last decade. Many homeowners do it themselves and there are pretty simple kits that you can buy directly from a manufacturer or from your local hardware store. You can have your solar panels feed energy directly to your home or any other structure on your property. Oftentimes the government or your local utility company will offer you tax incentives or rebates that can drive the cost of installation down and save you money so be sure to look into these incentive programs when installing solar panels.

The next method you can use to generate electricity for your home is wind power. You can have wind turbines installed in your home and use them to power batteries or your utilities directly. Residential wind turbines can generally produce between 400 and 800 watts of power which make them ideal for charging batteries. That may not seem like a lot of wattage but in a crisis, it can make a world of difference.

This next source of electricity will not apply to everyone but if you happen to have a source of moving water on or near your property you can create a simple hydroelectric generator to provide a steady stream of power. Hydroelectric generators will typically provide you with 100 watts of power which is more than enough to charge a bank of batteries.

Of course, there are the less complex and ready to use forms of grid-free electricity such as the fuel generator. Generators can be bought ready to go at any hardware store and they come in a variety of output capacities. It is always a good idea to keep a generator on hand and plenty of fuel to power it.

The great thing about home electricity generation is that you can use any combination of the aforementioned methods and  produce enough electricity to get you through a bad period. In the meantime, they will also save you money on your utilities so it is a win-win situation.

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