Conquering the Coming Collapse

Conquering the Coming Collapse

Bill White is the proprietor of which is an internet database that covers all things survival. He is also the author of “Conquering the Coming Collapse” which is the offer at hand now. As you may have gathered form the title “Conquering the Coming Collapse” is a survival guide. White tells us that there is a major economic and societal collapse on the horizon so this particular how-to guide is tailored to the unique situations that may arise when these events take place.


Conquering the Coming Collapse” will teach you the essentials of surviving when food becomes scarce, communications are at a minimum and vital medical and electrical equipment have become precious commodities. It focuses on disasters that are brought on by economic factors so one of the things he mentions is that it is a good idea to do your best to stockpile gold, silver and precious metals as these commodities are depression-proof and will be one of the only things that matter when the economy goes to hell. The guide also covers more basic survival skills like protecting your home from intruders and those looking to rob you blind.

 What is Inside

The guide is pretty comprehensive but whether it gets into enough detail about any one area of survival remains debatable. For instance there is a section devoted to teaching the reader how to filter water and kill bacteria that can make drinking water poisonous. There is another section that acts as a field guide and tells the reader which common North American plants can be consumed and which ones contain the most protein and nutrients. Again, it remains to be determined if this impromptu field guide is detailed enough to successfully guide a hungry survivor.

The Package and Target Audience

“Conquering the Coming Collapse” also comes with a checklist of items that the author states that you must procure within the first 72 hours of a major crisis. All of the materials included in this offer are meant to make you more confident and be able to fend for yourself and your family through the worst of disasters.

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to be dependent on governmental aid and help form anyone other than yourself, this guide teaches total independence even in the face of life and death situations. Should you opt into this offer you will be charged 37 dollars with a 60 day money back guarantee.

The bonus materials are kept to a minimum which is good because too many materials tend to overwhelm the user and in many cases don’t get used at all.

There is a lot of information in this guide so it is really up to the reader to plow through the denseness of it.
Making A Choice
If you are looking for a very general survival guide, this will be a good buy for you. If however you want a specific insight into an area of disaster survival, you are better off looking elsewhere.

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