Bulletproof Home

Bulletproof Home

There are some essential survival tips that the creator of Bulletproof Home tells us have been steering you in the wrong direction and can actually lead to larger problems in times of crisis. The point of Bulletproof Home is to make your home safe during a major catastrophic event and to point out the mistakes that most people make in such situations. These mistakes can cost you a lot says Steve Walker the author of “Bulletproof Home” because all they do is make your home a target for other desperate people when things like food, water and power become scarce. “Bulletproof Home” will make your home invulnerable to looters, thugs, rapists and anyone or anything that is trying to steal from you or do you harm in times of profound crisis.


Bulletproof Home” debunks conventional survival wisdom as impractical, out of date and simply false in real situations. Walker claims to have traveled the world and learned firsthand from war-torn countries which survival and fortification tactics really work and which ones do more harm than good. This is the essence of this offer: to give you, your family and home the best chances for survival if and when things really take a turn for the worse.

What You Can Learn

In “Bulletproof Home” you will be walked through how to keep hungry mobs of people from overrunning your home and stealing your family’s precious food supply, sharpen your senses for the purpose of survival and be able to detect trouble before it manifests itself into a full on disaster, how to hide your water supply and how to fix things in your home during a major disaster.

What This Offer Includes

Included in this offer you will get bonus reports that are all geared toward helping you come out of a crisis situation safely. The first bonus materials cover the specifics of an economic collapse and how you can be prepared for one. The next bonus report is called “Doctor In A Box” and just as the name implies, is a cache of information regarding first aid and basic medical treatment that can mean the difference between life and death when you don’t have access to a hospital or a doctor. The final bonus report draws from the experience and survival skills of the baby-boomer generation and is filled with practical survival tips. The entire package comes at a price of 37 dollars and there is a 60 day money back guarantee to back up your purchase.

The price is relatively low for the wealth of materials you will be given access to.

It would seem that “Bulletproof Home” spends a lot of time, and perhaps too much time, talking about tactics that don’t work.

Drawing A Conclusion
It is always good to be prepared for anything but the “Bulletproof Home” package seems to broad and general to really be useful. It may contain many things you already know how to do and may not be worth the purchase.

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